I’ve tried a lot of burger chains but my favorite is Smashburger because of all the customization options. 5 oz (regular) or 7 oz (big), beef or chicken, 5 bun options and tons of toppings (free / premium) & sauces.

I tried a few burgers off their menu before trying to “create my own”. The prices are very reasonable: off-menu burgers cost about $6 for Regular (5 oz), $8 for Big (7 oz).

ORDERING TIP:  If you don’t specify a size, you will get a Big (7 oz). I usually get a Regular burger and one side, which is enough for me.

They use fresh (never frozen) 100% Angus beef, smashed on a butter topped grill for 10 seconds and seasoned, creating a crispy tasty shell.

This is the only burger place with so many different buns options (varies by location): Egg, Brioche, Multi-Grain, Gluten Free, Chipotle, Lettuce. My favorite is the Multi-Grain Bun if you can get it. The Brioche Bun is a bit too delicate and falls apart. The Egg Bun is more like a traditional burger bun.

My favorite side here are the haystack onions…thinly sliced battered onion rings that are seasoned with some kind of addictive salt & peppery goodness.

Their potato or sweet potato regular fries or Smashfries (tossed in olive oil, rosemary & garlic) are so tasty, you won’t need ketchup. The potato fries are really thin (matchstick fries) and super crispy.

They also have veggie frites (flash fried green beans & carrot strips), spicy buffalo fries, fried pickles and side salads.

And here’s the most interesting thing, they make really nice salads! They have 4 salad options: Harvest, Cobb, Baja Cobb, Spinach & Goat Cheese. You can add marinated grilled or crispy chicken (sorry, no burger salads).

Excellent milkshakes, Honest Tea and Vitamin Water fountain drinks. Everything I’ve ever wanted in a fast food joint!


  • Save your receipt and complete the survey for a free side.
  • Costco sells Smashburger gift cards (approx. 20% off)

Smashburger menu
Smashburger locations



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