My experience in strategic consulting and product development, spans a variety of industries:

  • Travel & Hospitality
  • Consumer Goods
  • eCommerce
  • Financial Products
  • Entertainment / Ticketing
  • Sports

As Senior Director of Customer Experience Technology at, I lead cross-platform product teams that support an enterprise of 12 brands, with a focus on automation.

Prior to my current role, I spent 6 years at Starwood Hotels & Resorts, where I developed several global platforms that supported 9 brands and over 1,000 hotels in more than 40 languages. I also led digital loyalty platforms such as SPG Flights and global ancillary revenue initiatives.

Earlier in my career, I led international digital strategy for the National Basketball Association, where I transformed 10 localized PR sites into revenue-generating fan destinations. 

A seasoned revenue driving strategist, I began my career in the late 90s at digital agencies and startups, leading software and web development.

Automation & AI
Customer Experience / UX Design
Digital Transformation
Product Development
Testing & Optimization
Loyalty & Rewards
Localization & Globalization
Customer Service Workflow
Content Strategy

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“May has the focus of a laser and the heart of a prize fighter. She is full of energy, good humor, and insight. She really knows how to get things done, and if she doesn’t, she’ll figure it out.”

Mark Sutton-Smith
CTO @ National Basketball Association

“May is a true digital native with an unmatched work ethic. I had the pleasure of working with May for 4 years during her time at Starwood. We worked together to develop several global platforms that today service over 1,000 hotels and resorts in over 40 languages globally. As a pragmatic leader, she has the ability to manage large projects with a holistic view, while maintaining a keen eye on the details.”

Bill Caley
CTO @ Mama Earth Organics

“May is a smart, experienced online marketer who brings together a strong sense of both what is aesthetically pleasing and highly functional. She seems equally comfortable working with creative artists and functional developers, and one of her greatest strengths is to bridge the gap between them to reach a common goal. She stands up for her beliefs when necessary and lives up to her commitments to deliver her work efficiently and accurately.”

Ed Victoria
CEO @ Puradyn Filter Technologies

“I call May the bulldog, because she goes after projects with a unique focus and stays with it till it’s done. Her ability to manage a variety of complex issues into a simple working environment is not overlooked. She was the person I’d want to manage client relationships. If there was a problem, get May on it. It’ll be fixed.”

Eric Weinstein
Broadband Products & Programming @ National Basketball Association

“In the years that I have had the pleasure of working with May I have come to learn many things about her. May possesses a great balance between strategic thinking and the ability to understand the key business drivers and their implications. May is excellent at taking what has been learned through analysis and using it to help create and guide the strategic direction of the organization she leads.

May is a hard driving leader with a proven track record of success. May has demonstrated the ability to perform effectively in high pressure situations and to achieve the objectives in the most efficient way possible. May is very detail-oriented and has a large capacity for work.

May would always take the time to listen and offer constructive feedback and guidance to her team. She is a well-respected leader, mentor and coach.

I consider myself very fortunate to have worked with and learned from someone as dedicated and passionate towards her work and towards the success of the organization as a whole. Any organization would be fortunate to have May join their team and instill the knowledge, values, dedication and commitment that she would bring.”

Alan Diehl
VP, Loyalty Business Intelligence @ Starwood Hotels & Resorts
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